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We represent colonic a network of colonic hydrotherapists across the UK who are passionate and dedicated in providing the highest quality treatments for each and every client. We act as a support network for our members, pooling resources, skills and experiences and sharing those with everybody to allow everyone to continually improve with everybody’s experiences. 

At UK Colonic Association we consider the philosophy of past great physicians and visionaries such as Edgar Cayce and mix it with newer ingredients of such greats as LOUISE HAY and DEEPAK CHOPRA. The metaphysical connection of mind, body and spirit we believe is the fundamental part of treating clients. Louise Hay has produced an amazing book called Heal Your Body which uses new thought patterns to dissolve blocks in the body.  In her book she rightly cites that the colon represents your past emotions.

We endorse colonics training, colonics equipment, colonics machines and are the only colonic association to work with an independant BSI certified inspectorate.

Edgar Cayce was also known as the ‘sleeping prophet’ and ‘the father of holistic medicine’. He not only predicted both World Wars whilst dedicating his life to doing life readings, but over 40 years diagnosed over 30,000 people, many with life threatening or ‘incurable’ diseases.

Edgar was no doctor nor did he receive any medical training yet, with little education, this man managed to cure most of his patients by treating the body as whole and recommending many natural and holistic treatments, with colonic hydrotherapy and enemas being one of the most popular treatments he recommended.

  “And keeping the colon clean is that which is necessary for every well-balanced body; hence should be a part of the experience for each entity.” Edgar Cayce

Cayce related most of the illnesses he faced with imbalances, blockages or poor function of the client’s colon and so the recommendation for colonics and enemas to clear the colon and other organs featured in most of his treatment plans.

Because Edgar did not seek fame or payment for his work, much of his work died and only lives on through his followers and books published by close associates. The UK Colonic Association completely endorses the work of Edgar Cayce and will continue spreading the benefits of keeping a healthy and clean colon for overall wellbeing.

Colon of the PAST….

A dumping ground for waste – the colon holds onto toxins and waste matter ready to be released. It is our belief system that the colon HOLDS onto this waste through CONTRACTING and metaphysically using the colon like a library of past experiences. Through working with hundreds of clients in colonic hydrotherapy there is always a greater release when talking to the client about past, negative experiences. It is well documented in our training practise from experience that the client allows the colon to OPEN and flow when feeling SAFE and relaxed and when being guided through LETTING GO of old past, emotional stored rubbish.

Our experiences build our emotional habits and, whilst we grow from challenges, all too often we can be left shattered and low in energy which in turn creates looped habits of sometimes reaching for quick fixes from SUGAR and HIGH FAT foods or ALCOHOL or even DRUG dependency.

At UKCA we take the HOLISTIC view and our emphasis is on the mind, body, spirit connection.


Our emotions are filed through a peer built library of past teachings. The teachings are sometimes FEAR based and many times our growth through adult times is filtering out the REAL from the WORRY burdened on minds and bodies by others. At UKCA we truly believe everyone has the right to live a JOYFUL life filled with good HEALTH and without JUDGEMENT or criticism.

We build strong training on the BELIEF everyone trained correctly can become a wonderful COLON HYDROTHERAPIST, hence we do not judge candidates who are NOT from MEDICAL background. In fact in most cases, from experience, it is the ones who have little prior knowledge who absorb training better and without mental blocks or dogma.

Your PAST is the chapter you have lived and at UKCA we live in the NOW and accept all people from ALL backgrounds and offer a training package or membership that is built on experience and passion for health and wellbeing from the BOTTOM UP!


With open arms we embrace you as being part of a developing organisation without politics or judgement and where the love of helping others outshines any darkness or any negative BELIEFS.

United Kingdom Colonic Association – where beating hearts join to help others to optimum HEALTH & WELLBEING.