Accrediting Body & National Directory for Colonic Hydrotherapy in the UK

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UKCA are the only Colonic hydrotherapy association to maintain standards using kite mark inspection to British Standards. The bi-annual independent inspection comes included in our top membership level of £49 per month.

Although independent inspection is not yet mandatory, we have worked hard to ensure everything is in place to protect our members should any changes occur at Government level. We have set ourselves up in the strongest position to allow us to quick respond to any future changes in regulations whilst continually maintaining the highest standards for clients.

UKCA is more than just a membership association, members have to pass independently regulated inspections. The awarded kite mark endorsed by UKCA is proudly displayed in each clinic.

Created to endorse credibility and champion awareness of standards, this inspection also gives the public quality assurance and peace of mind.

UKCA is at the forefront of the awakening of a new age in  Colonic Hydrotherapy. Our members  offer safety, have followed elite training and work to  clinic standards whilst maintaining an holistic approach at all times.

UKCA are the ONLY colonics association in the UK to work with an independent inspectorate body, who are also compliant with British Standards.

Our association was formed to ensure standards are consistent throughout the United Kingdom and, to this end, UKCA uses a specialised company, cdBAFI, who are externally audited by the government, and hold BSI (British Standard Institute) kitemark.  This kitemark ensures full quality, safety and protocols have been adhered to.